Bank your New Born's Umbilical Cord Blood with Cryo-Cell International

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Before a child is born there are so many things that parents have to consider. You might probably start having visions of your future with your child. You might be imagining your child's first steps, smiles, birthday parties, holidays and all other good things that you have dreamt of. But you tend not to think about your child falling seriously ill. But this is something which you should also consider when you are expecting a child in your family. It is not just for your child but you can create this awareness among your relatives and friends if they are expecting a child too.

Talking of illness which can become pretty serious at times and you will always try to protect your family and pray for their healthy living. If you are expecting parents then this is the right time to act. You can take a very wise step on the very day your baby is born. This single step can create big impact on the future health of your child and other family members. You can secure their future health by umbilical cord blood banking. From umbilical cord blood stem cells are collected and preserved to treat serious ailments.

With Cryo-Cell International now you too can go for umbilical cord blood banking. We are one of the reputed organizations among other private cord blood banks across the world. By paying an annual fee which you can consider as an investment not for today but for your future you can bank umbilical cord blood of your child when it is born. We collect the samples, separate the stem cells and store them cryogenically in our cord blood bank. In the future if you need the stem cells they can be used either in autologous procedures where they will be used to treat any disease of the child or in allogeneic procedures when the stem cells can be used to treat diseases of siblings or close relatives.

Stem cells collected from umbilical cord blood can be used to treat critical diseases like sickle stem disease, leukemia or lymphoma, aplastic anemia, severe combined immune deficiency, metabolic disorders and a number of pediatric disorders. Stem cells collected from umbilical cord blood is used to treat more that 75 diseases. These cells have been so far used in more than 20,000 transplants across the world.

If you are interested to preserve the life giving stem cells collected from your baby's umbilical cord blood then you need to act before your child is born. So far the umbilical cord of a baby was discarded as medical waste after delivery of the child. But now you can ask your doctor to collect the cord blood right after your baby is born. For both vaginal and caesarian delivery the umbilical cord blood can be collected with help of a collection kit from Cryo-Cell. It is absolutely a pain free process and causes no risk to either mother or child. Preserving cord blood stem cell is a once in a lifetime opportunity which you should not let go.

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Bank your New Born's Umbilical Cord Blood with Cryo-Cell International

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This article was published on 2010/11/23