Dangers of Corded Window Blinds:

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The cords contained on window blinds pose an unreasonable strangulation risk. Looped Cords are the most dangerous variation of hazardous mini blinds. These looped cords are usually seen on older versions of mini blinds because blinds manufactured after 2001 are, by law, not allowed to have looped cords because of accidental child deaths. Children whose cribs or playpens were spots near windows with these cords account for most deaths. Better go with blinds that do not have a cord. A variety of cordless blinds are widely available now, including horizontal and vertical styles.

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in the hands of a child can result in severe injury or fatality unless safety guidelines are followed. Kids love to play with blinds slats and often end up bending them in different directions. To dissuade kids from doing so, find spring-tempered aluminum models that resist twisting better than other models. You may opt to have these blinds custom-made and use eight-gauge aluminum for more durability. Look for mini blinds that offer crash-proof cord locks, a snap-in design feature that automatically locks the blind as soon as the cord is released. These are ideal for your kids' rooms.

If you have older mini blinds, they will surely have a looped cord. Cut the cord into two separate cords to remove the dangerous loop. Also, make sure the cords are either anchored or tied in some manner and not dangling loosely. This makes the cords unreachable to kids and impossible for a kid to untie. If you planned to buy new blinds, look for blinds that are cordless or have safety features to prevent child strangulation. Ask the sales staff for cord cleats that come with the blinds package. With cord cleats, hazardous incidents such as child or pet cord strangling can be minimized. Cord cleats are easy to install - they can be mounted on the wall and you can tie the cord around it already. What you need to ensure, however, is that these cleats are high enough for small kids to reach them.

An additional option is the retrofit kit especially designed for any styles of shades. Easy to install, just throw away the lift cords that goes with your shades upon purchasing. Strangulation accidents will definitely be reduced, but a drawback for this kind of anti-cord strangulation device is raising or lowering of shades became more difficult. Now, you have to remove each retrofit set-up before you can actually move the shades. A cord tensioner is another retrofit kit that comes free with a blinds package. Normally used with blinds operated with looped cords, this mechanism works with the use of a spring tension that makes the cords stretched tight. If this is the type of device you want for your window shades, ensure to check if you have a beaded cord or a plain one lest you get the wrong cord tensioner.

Be sure to keep your children cribs and play areas away from blind cords.

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Dangers of Corded Window Blinds:

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This article was published on 2011/01/03