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Silver Saints, the professional handyman service, is proud to be Londons leading resource. We have a staff of highly skilled handymen that do not just specialize in one or two repair jobs, we do it all. Customers can rely on Silver Saints for all types of repair and assembly service that needs to be done. All work performed is guaranteed 100 percent and is fully insured. Silver Saints will not accept anything less than complete customer satisfaction. If the job is not done to customer satisfaction, Silver Saints will make it right with no additional charge.

Among, the various professional repair jobs from Silver Saints, is our sash cord repair service. Our highly skilled handymen have the experience to replace sash window cords and sash spiral balances to. Do take advantage, of our peace of mind fixed installation fee, no need to worry about estimates. With many years of service, sash cords will eventually wear out or break. In order for the window to function properly, it will be required to replace the sash cord.

When replacing the sash cord, it will be required to remove the sash from the frame. The weight compartment can then be opened, and a new cord is then attached to the sash, fed over the pulley and secured to the weight. The window is then reinstalled. Your sash window now functions like the day it was made. How long it will take to repair sash window cords, or replace a sash cord depends on which cord is broken. If it is one or both inner sash cords, that is to say the bottom of the sash. Expect the job to take about one to one and a half hours to complete. If it is one or both of the outer sash cords that needs to be replaced, that is the cords attached to the top sash then expect about one to two hours to finish the job.

Some of the modern sash windows do not have cords and weights. Spiral spring balances are used instead. Spiral spring balances are made with a metal torsion spring and plastic tube. Unfortunately, over time these will become inoperative and will need to be replaced, in order for the window to function properly again. Sash balances are made according to the weight and size of the sash. This will require an initial visit so we can obtain accurate measurements to determine the correct size of the balances needed. Installation of new balances takes about one half to one hour per balance to install.

Silver Saints is pleased to announce that, in addition to our sash cord replacement service, we now offer complete, professional sash window and French door restoration service that is the best in the industry. Our professionals have over 18 years of experience in the field. Call our friendly operations team today or email if you prefer, and let us explain what we can do for you. By the way, forget about that devil may care attitude, you get from those other handyman services. After all, we are the Silver Saints.
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Do your windows have a broken sash cord? Silver Saints is London's Premier Handyman Service. At SilverSaints, we employ the most experienced handymen in London. We can repair sash cord, replace sash cord, and repair sash window cords to make your windows operate properly again.

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Silver Saints Sash Cord Replacement Service

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This article was published on 2010/10/08